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Free way to promote your passions!

Google is positioning themselves to be the only social network that matters. They bought YouTube, Motorola, and the android system for billions of dollars and became Google+. Essentially, you can have the equivalent of your own TV station for FREE. Pretty exciting! If you are interested in promoting whatever you are passionate about, this will be the most excellent way to do it. The only thing keeping people from using it at this point is being educated on how it works, people are worried about what they don’t know. That is where Global Hangout comes in. It will teach step-by-step video instruction on how to maximize on the potential of Google+, and give opportunity for making an income just by sharing it with others.

Google+ Hangouts is something I have huge dreams about. I see promoting my passions, I see online Bible Studies, I see communities forming without the barrier of distance or even time. I am extremely excited about what is coming, and I know you will be hearing about it as I get myself set up in that area. If you had your own broadcasting station, what would you share? Start dreaming, because it is here!


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