About This Blog

I talked about dreams in the About Me section of this blog. I believe everyone has dreams, but some people have had theirs squashed down so much that they may not even recognize them anymore. Others know what their dreams are, but it hurts because they don’t believe they will ever see them fulfilled. Still others are striving for their dreams, but need a little help to reach the end game. And some know exactly what their dreams are and how to get there, but they haven’t learned how to teach others how to do the same.

My goal for this blog is to meet the dreamer where they are and offer help getting to the next level. I want to provide information, inspiration, and assistance to meet your dreams wherever they are and push them on toward where you want to be. I want to teach leadership, entrepreneurship, and relationship with God and others in a way that utilizes the internet to help you turn those dreams into a business. Your dreams into your business. Just think, getting paid for what you love! Sound impossible, well it isn’t. And I know how to get you there.

My dream is helping people dream and make their dreams reality. So I am making my business, to help you make your dreams into your business. Tracking? =) Exciting stuff, so stick with me and I will be pointing the way. I am currently helping a health coach build her business, a mentor reach her dreams, a young college student start her fashion business, and a person in ministry reach a larger audience. AND, I am teaching them how to make money off of these dreams and passions. This is what makes me come alive!


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